6377 South Revere Parkway, Suite 400 Centennial, CO 80111, United States
6377 South Revere Parkway Centennial Colorado 80111 US

Craig Dies grew up in the northeast suburbs of Washington DC in Greenbelt, MD. He attended Penn State University on a swimming scholarship and graduated with a business degree in 1989. Although he loved the variety that the East Coast offered Craig decided to move to Colorado in 1994. “When I was younger my family and I enjoyed several ski vacations in Colorado and I remember thinking about how incredible it would be to live here.” So when the opportunity presented itself he packed up and headed west. He has enjoyed living in Colorado ever since.

Craig brings 12 years of automotive retail, fleet management and wholesale experience where he sold directly to several franchise dealerships. Craig quickly realized that the automotive industry has a culture that puts the average consumer at a distinct disadvantage. The process, system and techniques that dealerships use are designed to make a sale “today” while extracting as much money as possible from the customer. “I have seen dealerships and salespeople put their own personal gain in front of doing what is right for their customer’s needs and that’s not right.” When Craig was introduced to H.M. Brown & Associates through a friend it was a perfect fit. “H.M. Brown allows me to help people find a vehicle without all of the games. I can have honest discussions about wants and needs to help my customers find the right vehicle at a great price”.

Craig enjoys staying active and taking advantage of Colorado’s great outdoors and incredible weather. His favorite activities include golf, cycling, and hiking, snowboarding and riding his motorcycle on the winding mountain roads. As an avid sports fan he also enjoys attending local sporting events, especially the Broncos and Rockies.