I wanted to take a moment to let you know what how much my husband and I appreciate Jack Rafferty.

Six years ago, we worked with Jack in finding my Audi A6.  We had talked with Jack, let him know what we were looking for and within a week, I was driving it.

Last Friday, at about 3:00 pm, I emailed Jack saying it was getting to be time to look for a new A6 as mine was now ten years old, approaching 96,000 miles, needing some repairs, etc.

Within seconds, Jack replied and let me know there was a near new A6 on the lot.   Jack met us Saturday morning, let us drive the car, took a look at my older A6, and on Monday, we closed the deal!

I absolutely LOVE my updated/upgraded Audi and once again, it was an easy, pleasurable experience – because of Jack.

A few days ago, we realized that when cleaning out our personal belongings, we neglected to empty out the compartments under the seats – where we kept our phone car chargers.  We assumed they were gone for good and were just going to buy new ones but decided to call Jack to see if the car was still on the premises.  It wasn’t.  However, Jack tracked down its location and retrieved our chargers.  His dedication goes above and beyond anything we would ever expect.

We are always happy to recommend HM Brown and Jack to anyone we know who is in the market for a car.