Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with a pre-owned vehicle?

Absolutely! H. M. Brown carries an on-site inventory of 40 – 50 vehicles, plus we have access to thousands of additional vehicles with our franchised dealer partners. We also buy vehicles at national wholesale auctions that are specifically selected by you in advance. We are experts at used car leasing which can generate some surprisingly low monthly payments.

Do you provide financing and leasing?

Yes. H. M. Brown has built relationships with the best independent finance and lease companies in the USA. The banks and lease companies work hard to earn our finance and lease business due to our substantial volume and the credit quality of our customers. We also can facilitate any manufacturer’s finance or lease program as well.H. M. Brown always completes a thorough evaluation of your finance and lease options based on your credit using our sophisticated technical tools, and presents you with several ideas from which to choose. Our commitment to you is that our finance and lease options will always be at or below market without requiring you to negotiate.

I recently filed bankruptcy. Can you still arrange financing for me?

Yes, H. M. Brown has a credit professional who works with several banks assisting credit challenged individuals. He has created solutions for many of our customers and has put them on the road to rebuilding their credit in a vehicle they are comfortable driving.

I like the convenience of your services, but does it cost more to use H. M. Brown than going directly to a new car dealer?

No. H.M. Brown has developed enormous buying power after over 30 years and has completed more than 100,000 automobile transactions. We also shop nationally for the best price. While we do make money (any business must to stay in business!), our compensation is developed by negotiating deep discounts from our vendors, not by overcharging our customers. Our commitment to our customers is that our vehicle pricing and/or payments will be at or below market without requiring our customers to negotiate. You’ve got better things to do with your time and so do we!



Do I pay H. M. Brown a separate fee for your services?
No. We prefer to quote vehicle prices and/or payments including our compensation.