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Steven Erek

Auto Broker from Wheat Ridge serving Denver and the surrounding areas


From my earliest and fondest memories, I've been captivated by the world of automobiles. Those cherished moments riding alongside my father in his 1972 Fiat Spider convertible ignited a lifelong passion that would define my journey in the auto industry.

As soon as I received my driver's license, I was fortunate enough to take the wheel of that very Fiat, and that's when my fascination truly blossomed. I found myself drawn to the intricate diversity of makes and models, fascinated by the artistry of color choices, captivated by the symphony of sounds that engines produced, and exhilarated by the sensation of being firmly pressed against the seat during rapid accelerations or while navigating tight corners.

In my early twenties, I reached a personal goal by acquiring a BMW M3 with custom wheels. It was a machine that embodied raw power and an engine note that could stir the soul. It was then that I realized I was a true 'car enthusiast.' A simple glance at my browsing history and my collection of favorite YouTube videos revealed my undeniable obsession with all things automotive – from the latest models to classic car restoration projects.

Today, I channel this passion into my work as an auto broker, where I have the privilege of assisting others in finding their dream cars and sharing in the joy that each unique vehicle can bring. My love for the auto industry is not just a profession; it's a lifelong dedication that continues to drive me, just like those memorable rides with my father in that timeless Fiat Spider.


I love helping people find their exact fit for a vehicle, while making the entire process easy, streamlined, and stress-free. My genuine love for cars with the variety of makes and models, and the gratification of assisting others all contribute to the enjoyment of this profession. Building lasting relationships with repeat clients and making a positive impact in their lives make this profession truly fulfilling.


For about 8 months a year, I'm all about golf, but in winter, it's Hawaii for me. Nature always keeps me in a happy mood whether I am actually outside or in the studio painting landscapes. I'm a Denver Broncos and CU Buffaloes fan. HGTV and Food Network are my go-to for relaxation and I love to cook delicious meals for family and friends. My best friend? A lively Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Gishy.

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